Happy Birthday in different languages

On this page you will find cards with happy birthday in different languages on them. All of the birthday cards are unique, that is because I made them all by myself. Just to be sure that it will stay that way, we have protected all the happy birthday cards against duplication.
If you want to use one of the happy birthday cards to send by e-mail or share on your social media, you only need to add our url at that message or e-mail.
As you can see, the happy birthday cards are all made to use on the internet. If you want to use them in "real life", just print the card that you like. At the back you can wright down the birthday wishes that you like.
All the happy birthday cards have a little discription or advice, I hope that you will enjoy reading those texts.
Have fun!

On this card you can see how to write down "happy birthday" in Arabic. The Arabic language is most of the time spoken in the Middle East (most parts of Western Asia) and in North Africa.

"Happy birthday" in Dutch. The Dutch language is spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, and some other nations.

"Happy birthday" in French. People speak French in France, parts of Belgium, parts of Switzerland, Monaco, and some other communities.

"Happy birthday" in German. The German language is spoken in Germany and some other nations.

"Happy birthday" in Greek. People speak Greek in Greece, Cyprus, and some other communities.

"Happy birthday" in Hawaiian. People speak Hawaiian in Hawaii, logical ain't it?

"Happy birthday" in Hebrew. Hebrew is spoken by the Jewish people and the Samaritans.

"Happy birthday" in Hindi. The Hindi language is spoken in India and some parts of South Africa and

"Happy birthday" in Irish. People speak Irish in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and some other nations.

"Happy birthday" in Italian. People speak Italian in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, San Marino, and some other communities in Europe.

"Happy birthday" in Latin. Latin is not anymore a primary language, you could say that it's a death language. But there are still a lot of people around the world who can understand, speak, read, and write this ancient language.

"Happy birthday" in Maori or Māori. The Māori language is spoken by the Māori people in New Zealand. Or by Māori people who live elsewhere.

"Happy birthday" in Polish. People speak Polish in Poland and some other nations around the world.

"Happy birthday" in Portuguese. Portuguese is spoken in Portugal, Brazil, parts of Asia, parts of India, parts of Africa, and a lot more nations.

"Happy birthday" in Russian. People speak Russian in Russia, parts of the former Soviet Union, and a lot more communities around the world.

"Happy birthday" in Spanish. Spanish is spoken in Spain and Latin America. Just as a hint; around the world there are approximately 500 million people who speak Spanish.

"Happy birthday" in Swedish. People speak Swedish in Sweden, Finland, and some other nations.

"Happy birthday" in Tagalog. Tagalog is an official language of the Philippenes. Theire other official language is English.

"Happy birthday" in Turkish. People speak Turkish in Turkey and some communities around Europe and Asia.

"Happy birthday" in Welsh. People speak Welsh in Wales (United Kingdom) and Argentina.

Because I could not make designs with the Chinese letters in the program that I normally use, I have created it with another one. Like you will already know by now, this card shows a "Happy birthday" in Chinese.

Same "problem" with Japanese as I had with Chinese... "Happy birthday" in Japanese together with a nice panda. I hope that you like it!

That is all for now, in the nearby future I will create a lot more cards with happy birthday in different languages on them. I hope that you already enjoyed this small collection that I created.
If you didn't find the language that you needed; just send me an e-mail with what you want, and I will love to help you out!

Thanks for the visit!!!