Happy belated Birthday

It can always happen that you are for some kind of reason to late to wish someone a happy birthday, the only thing that you can do then is send a happy belated birthday card. Well, if you need to do that I have great news for you; here you can find all the happy belated birthday cards you need for free!
All of the belated birthday cards are unique, that is because I made them all by myself. Just to be sure that it will stay that way, we have protected all the happy belated birthday cards against duplication.
If you want to use one of the happy belated birthday cards to send by e-mail or share on your social media, you only need to add our url at that message or e-mail.
As you can see, the happy belated birthday cards are all made to use on the internet. If you want to use them in "real life", just print the card that you like. At the back you can write down the birthday wishes that you like.
All the happy birthday cards have a little discription or advice, I hope that you will enjoy reading those texts.
Have fun!

This is one of the most used happy belated birthday cards. If you need to wish somebody a belated happy birthday, you just have to say that you are sorry...

Or if you feel to pride to say that you are sorry, you can always send a belated happy birthday card like this one. "Happy belated birthday" and nothing else...

If you want to be honest, you can use a text like on this belated happy birthday card; "Better late than never". Think twice before you use a belated happy birthday card like this one, because not everyone will appreciate it...

If you feel really sorry for forgetting that specific person her or his birthday, this will be the perfect happy belated birthday card for you! It will express how sorry you really are... I hope that that person will forgive you after recieving this nice card.

Before most of the people were using internet, most of the birthday cards were send by post. Everybody knows that sometimes there are some delays at the post office... So, why would you not use that as your excuse for being to late with wishing somebody a happy birthday?

This is one of my favorite belated happy birthday cards... Dark clouds at the background, "Because I forgot" is darker then "Happy belated birthday", it looks like it is raining at the background, etc.
By using this happy belated birthday card, the person who gets it will understand that you are not very proud that you are to late to wish a happy birthday...

You can also give your belated birthday wish a funny twist by using this belated happy birthday card... Of course this belated birthday card will not work for everybody. If you are somebody who is always fast at doing everything, then I don't think that this card would help you out...

If you are to late to wish somebody a happy birthday, and you also feel sorry because of that, then I would recommend you to use this happy belated birthday card. Believe me, the shining colors will do pretty good...

It is all about the details... That is why I created this happy belated birthday card! Happy and Birthday are big letters, but belated is written with some small letters. A simple design, but it can make a big difference!

Last but not least... You can always send a nice happy belated birthday card with a cool birthday gift on it. And the cool thing about this one is that it looks like your birthday gift already says "Happy belated birthday" for you!

That is all for now, in the nearby future I will create a lot more of these happy belated birthday cards. I hope that you already enjoyed this small collection that I created.

Thanks for the visit!!!